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Jessica Mifsud

National Pizza Day with Mae Jum!

Happy National Pizza Day from us at Mae Jum! So today, the 9th of February is all about pizza! What is your go-to pizza? Do you prefer a thick or thin crust? And when it comes to toppings, do you like to keep it simple or have everything but the kitchen sink? 

We thought we would take part and you guessed it, we’re making a pizza! In true Mae Jum style, we are using our Thai curry paste for the pizza sauce. Our Thai Red or Panang pastes will give more of a traditional pizza look with its red colour but we chose our Yellow paste as we wanted a spicy pizza. All our pastes are a natural blend of herbs and spices, so you can swap and choose your favourites as they will all work nicely, go ahead and experiment on national pizza day!

ingredients for national pizza day, Mae Jum Thai yellow curry paste, pizza dough, chicken, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella

For the toppings, we decided on mixed peppers, chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, spring onion and sweet Thai basil. To prepare the toppings, we sliced the peppers, spring onions and chicken, halved the tomatoes and cut the mozzarella into small pieces. You’ll also need coconut milk, coconut oil, light soya sauce, palm sugar and pizza dough. We bought our pre-made pizza dough from our local shop but I know that this pizza will taste a whole lot better on a homemade pizza base!

To get started, preheat your oven to 240 degrees or gas mark 9 with your baking tray or pizza stone inside. Quick tip if you are using a baking tray, try turning it upside down, this will make it easier to move the pizza on and off the tray. 

Now to make the pizza sauce - which is a Thai herb and spice sauce - this type of sauce on a pizza tastes amazing, I promise! To make the sauce, fry the paste in coconut oil, add coconut milk and season with light soya sauce and palm sugar for a few minutes. This sauce will be for the base of the pizza.

We cooked the chicken in the sauce until it was fully cooked. This will give lovely flavours as the sauce gets sucked into the pieces of chicken. While the chicken is simmering away, you will have time to work on the pizza dough. Simply, roll out the dough ( we kept it as a rectangle) and gently fold up the edges to make a crust. Then brush all over with olive oil.

Once the chicken has cooked, take the herb and spice sauce and cover the pizza base and then arrange the chicken pieces evenly around the pizza. Neatly take the toppings and place them all around the pizza except for the sweet Thai basil and spring onion, as we need them for garnishing just before serving.

  Mae Jum National Pizza Day, yellow curried pizza Mae Jum National Pizza Day, yellow curried pizza Mae Jum National Pizza Day, yellow curried pizza  

Nearly finished now, take the baking tray or pizza stone out of the oven and carefully move the pizza on to it. Take it back to the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes. Once the time is up, take your delicious pizza out from the oven and garnish it with sweet Thai basil and spring onions. Dinner is served, enjoy! 

This was really fun to make and to take part in National Pizza Day! You have to give this Mae Jum style pizza a try, it’s honestly so delicious and surprisingly very quick to do! I will be making more pizzas from now on and I might swap the Thai herb and spice pastes each time. Which Thai herb and spice paste would you choose?

Below are the ingredient list and cooking method. Let us know in the comments below your pizza preferences or whether you would try this pizza at home. If you make a Mae Jum style pizza for national pizza day or on any day, please take pictures and tag us on social media @maejumsamunprai we would love to share! Subscribe for delicious new recipes and interesting blogs!

  Mae Jum National Pizza Day, yellow curried pizza recipe Mae Jum National Pizza Day, yellow curried pizza recipe

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