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Top 5 Vegan Thai Curries

Mae Jum Top 5 Vegan Thai curries Blog  

Thai curries already packed full of amazing flavours, so there’s no need for meat if you’re trying to lower your intake or beginning your journey into veganism. I promise you that you won’t miss meat with these dishes! Thanks to aromatic herbs and spices in the curry paste along with the fresh ingredients, these Thai recipes are bursting with flavour and nutrition without any the need for meat, eggs, or dairy.

One of the key changes to a meat-free meal is substituting the fish sauce for something vegan-friendly. My top two alternatives are light soya sauce and vegan fish sauce. From experience, following a recipe with meat or fish, you will have to add a little more light soya sauce than stated as light soya sauce is not a salty as fish sauce. 

If using vegan fish sauce, you can follow the recipe as stated. Vegan fish sauce is made from seaweed, so it has a natural salty sea flavour like fish sauce. One other important ingredient for a vegan curry is to find a vegan curry paste. This can be hard to source in the shops that have a real authentic flavour, but look no further, we have 6 beautifully crafted Thai curry pastes here at Mae Jum! Shop individual packs or try our whole range in our Taster Bundle!

Thai Massaman Curry

Thai massaman curry is popular in southern Thailand and the curry paste is mostly made of dried spice which brings similar flavours of Indian curries but also has fresh herbs which bring the familiar flavours of Thai curries. Honestly, there is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of Massaman curry. 

For this meat-free meal, crispy pan-fried tofu, tender sweet potato chunks and cauliflower are all simmered in a peanutty Massaman curry sauce. You'll find the flavours delicious, and the textures of the tofu and vegetables so hearty, there is no need or desire for meat. Try our vegan Thai massaman curry recipe here.

Mae Jum Vegan Thai Massaman Curry  

Thai Yellow Curry

Thai yellow curry is a beautiful and uplifting curry. The bright colour from the turmeric and spice level is medium but it has a sweet undertone which makes it less punchy. Thai yellow curries vary from region to region, but in southern Thailand, it tends to be spicier, so if you are cooking with our yellow Thai curry paste, you may wish to start off using less paste!

In our vegan Thai yellow curry, we are cooking with pineapple and potatoes. This quick and easy meal is definitely one to try, the pineapple brings a burst of tropical freshness and the potatoes are great at absorbing those bold Thai flavours. You’ll be surprised at how delicious this vegan yellow curry is, take a look at our recipe here for more details!

Mae Jum Pineapple and potato Thai Yellow curry recipe  

Thai Red Curry

Thai red curry is one of the most popular Thai curries and is so easy to make into a meat-free meal. The long-lasting spice is fresh and authentic, the herbs and spices you will find in the curry paste is red chilli, galangal, lemongrass, white pepper and coriander seeds. Looking for a vegan Thai curry paste? Check out our range here!

What I love about a red curry is that any vegetables can go in, so raid your fridge and grab your favourites vegetables! In this vegan Thai red curry, there is tofu, courgette, baby corn, pepper and mangetout. So lots of vegetables to tuck into and tofu for the all-important intake of protein to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Take a look at our recipe here for inspiration!

Mae Jum Vegan Thai Red Curry with Tofu and mixed vegetables  

Thai Green Curry

Another classic Thai curry is, of course, Green curry! This curry is full of sweet and citrus flavours with a gentle spice that is perfect for any time of year. The perfect garnish for Thai green curry is sweet Thai basil, it has a stronger flavour than that of its sweet Italian basil cousin with more of an anise flavour. Totally delicious if you can get your hands on some!

Our vegan Thai green curry is cooked with young jackfruit which is a great alternative to meat. The texture when cooked is similar to chicken or pork and the fruit can hold its form making it versatile for both quick and slow cooking. Check out our recipe for jackfruit Thai green curry here and enjoy with Khanom jeen noodles (rice noodles) or steamed Jasmine rice.

Mae Jum Jackfruit Thai Green Curry  

Thai Panang Curry

Thai Panang curry is a rich and creamy curry that is lightly spiced with underlying nutty flavours. Traditionally served with chicken or pork, we’ve given it a vegan twist and used Extra-firm tofu instead so everyone can enjoy this delicious Thai dish. For extra bursts of flavours, garnish with fresh Kaffir lime leaves!

Our vegan Thai Panang curry is cooked with chunky tofu and mixed vegetables. You can add crushed roasted peanuts or cashew nuts to elevate the underlying nutty flavour. Overall, Panang curry can be enjoyed by everyone with any spice tolerance. Give our recipe a try and let us know how you get on! Find our vegan Thai Panang curry recipe here!

Mae Jum Vegan Thai Panang Curry

If you enjoyed our Top 5 Vegan Thai Curries Blog, please give this post a star rating and comment if you have tried any of these vegan Thai curry dishes! Check out our blog page for more interesting posts like this and subscribe for new recipes and posts. Always stay connected and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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