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Learn More About Mae Jum's Traditional Thai Jungle Curry Paste

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Jungle Thai Curry Paste

Watch how to cook a Mae Jum curry!

The Thai Jungle curry is the spiciest curry in our selection. With the immense flavours from the black pepper, red chilli and shallots give an intense but delicious taste to every mouthful, and can truly be addictive!. This curry can be either watery with plenty of vegetables and chicken, or thicker with slowly stewed pork ribs, a family favourite.

Our Thai Curry pastes are made with 100% natural ingredients, fresh from local farmers in Thailand. The paste is so full of flavour that one pack is all you need for 8 servings. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians too!

How it’s made

The famous dish from northern Thailand, you may notice the absence of certain herbs and spices like coriander and cumin as all the ingredients used would have been forage in the jungle! Wild meats are usually cooked in a jungle curry which you may find hard to obtain, but pork and red meat work just a good!

We only use the best quality herbs and spices, you will find red chilli, green chilli, black pepper, shallots, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime rind, garlic, galangal and rock salt in our Thai Jungle curry paste. Traditionally, jungle curry paste is cooked in water, which makes the flavours even more intense, providing a real authentic taste of Thailand.

Origin & Type

Jungle curry, or “forest curry” is a curry that originated in the northern forested areas. Since coconuts are not normally found in the inland jungles areas, this curry usually excludes coconut milk completely, although it is possible to add it for a milder flavour.

The combination of water with the Thai Jungle paste can create the most traditional way to make this type of curry, leaving the flavours to speak for itself. Often cooked with Thai seasonal vegetables such  green peppercorns and using fresh herbs and chilli to cool down.

Words from Our Customer

The website is easy to navigate and beautiful. The curry pastes are to die for, proper authentic Thai Food flavour without any hassle in the kitchen, they also use only minimal and natural ingredients. Highly recommended.

Rebekka H

Powys, UK

Quick delivery and a high-quality product. I bought the Taster Bundle and have had the red curry so far. I only needed a small amount of paste and froze the remainder. Very tasty and authentic.

John R

Greater London, UK

Just had to leave a review! This evening I made a chicken Panang curry. My daughter came in Just as I finished cooking and sampled it. Her words were "OMG I could eat the lot it, tastes amazing!"

Wendy V

Gloucestershire, UK

Amazing product. I’ve been recommending these to my friends and they all love it. Am buying these for the 3rd time now and bought 2 sets for friends as gifts. They should have a loyalty scheme for customers like me.

Leanne D

Surrey, UK

These pastes are packed full of flavour and make the most perfect, authentic curries. I have so far tried the Massaman and Thai Yellow curry and both were delicious! I can’t wait to try out more! 🤩

Harrison T

Cheshire, UK

"Our Authentic Thai Curry Pastes use high quality, 100% natural ingredients, fresh from local farmers, blended to an age-old recipe that respects traditional proportions, for health, vitality, aroma and taste."

- Mae Jum
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