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Read About Mae Jum's Traditional Thai Red Curry Paste

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Red Thai Curry Paste

Watch how to cook a Mae Jum curry!

Thai Red curry can be very versatile, a classic dish made with chicken to recipes made with salmon. To give the vibrant colour and the impactful taste of spice, come from the use of red chillies, providing a beautifully balanced level of spice and flavour.

Using the best fresh herbs and spices provides the most authentic taste of Thailand straight to your kitchen. Using ingredients that not only are delicious but also intake great health benefits, exhibiting the true essence of Thai cuisine, encompassing nature, health, freshness, aroma and taste.

How it's made

Only the best quality herbs and spices go into our Thai red curry pastes. The ingredients are red chilli, lemongrass, turmeric, shallots, kaffir lime rind, galangal, black pepper, garlic and rock salt. Our Thai red curry paste actually has the least amount of ingredients, but you don’t need a lot for bold flavours!

The variety of red chilli makes this paste spicy but can be made milder with the addition of coconut milk, without losing the flavour of course. Red curry, as well as Yellow and Green, are usually served with a soup-like consistency with rice or Khanom Chin noodles. Thai Red curry paste can also be used as a spicy base for sausages or fish cakes

Origin & Type

The recipe of a Thai red curry paste has more or less remained the same over time. Traditionally, Thai red curry pastes are made with a pestle and mortar, to create the perfect blend of herbs and spices. 

The colour is extracted from dry red spur chillies “phrik haeng met yai” – which also is used to create the curry’s spicy taste. The Thai red curry paste is commonly used in a variety of dishes. Delicious when combined in fishcakes or a BBQ marinade.

Kind Words from Our Customers

So tasty, so far we tried the yellow, red and green Thai curry and we love them they've got great flavour as well as a good kick to them. We'll be reordering soon!

Rebecca L

Londonderry, UK

Simply the best Thai curry pastes - full stop. They are all distinctly different and the best, nothing rivals them. We have Thai curry every week and they are absolutely fantastic. As we are two person household, we simply freeze the unused paste for another week, the flavours don't degrade or alter. They never dissapoint.


Hampshire UK

Great delivery. The currypastes from this company is by far the best I've ever had. Very nuanced flavour, and you can really taste the various ingredients. Will never go back to normal supermarket paste, as the price and quality of these ones are next level!

Amalie K

Berkshire, UK

I ordered 3 packs of the Jungle Curry paste and this stuff is the real deal. I’ve managed to make jungle curry taste like when I had it in Thailand. Warning - this paste is very hot. I’m no stranger to spicy food, having a pretty good tolerance, but this stuff is potent. You may wish to not use the full sachet the first time you try it.

Alan C

Worcestershire, UK

Incredible value for money!! You get so many packs and each one serves 8 people!! Wonderful flavours x

Molly B

Derby, UK

Bought a mixed pack of curry pastes All different in flavour(s) but all the same in superb quality and taste... Definitely use again, and highly recommend Mae Jum products

Gary N

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Its simple.. these are just the best thai pastes anywhere on the planet. Buy them now be ridiculously happy 😊. My absolute favourites are the yellow and the green. Awesome 👌

Jon M

Hampshire, UK

"Our Authentic Thai Curry Pastes use high quality, 100% natural ingredients, fresh from local farmers, blended to an age-old recipe that respects traditional proportions, for health, vitality, aroma and taste."

- Mae Jum
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