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Mae Jum Songkran pouring water on Buddha Statue

Embracing Thai Songkran: A Vibrant Celebration of Traditions

Explore Thai Songkran traditions such as Song Nam Phra and Rod Nam Dam Hua rituals as well as modern celebrations.

Veganuary 2024

What is Veganuary? Veganuary is a global movement and campaign that encourages people to embrace a vegan lifestyle for the entire month of January. The

Mae Jum 2023 Highlights

Join us in this year-end blog to revisit some our favourite highlight of 2023. In lively food festivals and the launch of our new products.

Get to Know: Green Papaya

All things green papaya from cooking to buying and more! Everything one blog, learn more with Mae Jum!

Mae Jum get to know young peppercorn blog, young peppercorn, black pepper and white pepper

Get to Know: Green Peppercorn

Everything you’ll need to know about green peppercorn in a single blog! From sourcing to cooking to health benefits! Take a read now!

Traditional Thai Jungle Curry

Explore Northern Thai Cuisine

Explore some of the famous Northern Thai dishes with us! Maybe there is something new you may want to try!

Mae Jum Top 5 Vegan Thai curries Blog

Top 5 Vegan Thai Curries

Our top 5 favourite vegan Thai curries here at Mae Jum! All very different curries packed full of authentic Thai spice and flavours!

Mae Jum what is jackfruit? get to know: jackfruit

Get to know: Jackfruit

Everything you need to know about Jackfruit! From buying to cooking to health benefits, learn more with Mae Jum!

Mae Jum popular thai rice styles

Thailand’s Popular Rice Styles

All the popular Thai rice styles in one blog! Read about the rice grains of Jasmine rice, sticky rice and Thai fried rice!

Mae Jum Nam Tok Neua - Thai Beef Salad

Nam Tok : Thai Meat Salad

This is an incredibly delicious Thai meat salad! This popular dish is my favourite and all the flavours are amazing! Find out more in our

Mae Jum National Tea day Thai iced Tea

National Tea Day 2021

Have a cuppa of National Tea Day! This blog describes our favourite kinds of tea for our daily tea break here at Mae Jum!

Mae Jum herbs and spices Thai Curry pastes

Essential Thai Herbs and Spices

Many herbs and spices are used in Thai cuisine but which ingredients are essential for Thai cooking? Find out now with Mae Jum!

Mae Jum Thai feast to celebrate Songkran Thai New Year

Mae Jum Celebrates Songkran!

Songkran celebrates the start of the traditional Thai New Year, Here at Mae Jum we celebrated with traditional rituals and a delicious Thai Feast!

Mae Jum Songkran water fight

Mae Jum’s Guide to Songkran!

Sawadee Pe Mai Thai ka! Let’s celebrate Songkran 2021, the Thai New Year! So much fun with traditional rituals and water fights!

Mae Jum what is Turmeric

Get to know: Turmeric

Learn more about how turmeric is used in Thai Cuisine and its health properties. Get to Know turmeric a little better with Mae Jum!

A Culinary Journey Through Thailand

Come and join us on a culinary journey through Thailand and explore the signature dishes in each region

Mae Jum international Women's Day

International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate all the amazing strong women we are and the women we surround ourselves with!

National Pizza Day with Mae Jum!

It’s the 9th of February, which means it’s National Pizza Day!! Join us to see how Mae Jum puts her stamp on a pizza!

Which is hotter? Green or Red?

Ever wondered which Thai curry is hotter? Look no further, the answer is in this blog!

veganuary protein options

5 Tips for Veganuary 2021

Mae Jum’s top 5 tips for trying out veganuary this year! Starting maybe hard, but together we can do this!

Get to know: Coriander

Coriander can be used as a herb and a spice in Thai cuisine. Used in both soups and pastes, learn more about coriander

Get to Know: Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a fantastic herb with Thai cuisine, learn about the flavours and characteristics of Lemongrass.

Samunprai: History and Practice

Samunprai is a Thai therapeutic practice using a herbal blend to massage into aches and pains. Read more about samunprai!

Mae Jum’s Big Announcement

This year Mae Jum entered our most popular Thai curry pastes into the Great Taste Awards 2020. We are so excited to announce that…

The Magic of Thai Chilli

The famous bird’s eye chilli! Read all about the growing cycle of the Thai chilli and its purpose in Thai Cuisine!

Mae Jum Thai fresh herbs and spices

4 essential flavours of Thai cuisine

New to Thai cuisine? Read about the 4 essential flavours of Thai cuisine and get on the right path to cook amazing Thai food!

Get to know: Red and Green Chillies

Thai food is known for its intense flavours and the heat of fresh Thai chilli peppers. Get to know them a little better!

What are Samunprai Ingredients?

Have you heard of the term Samunprai? Get to know the key herbs and spices in Thai cuisine from Mae Jum.

Mae Jum’s favourite dishes made by you!

We love seeing what you create using Mae Jum curry pastes, this year we’re showcasing our favourite dishes cooked by you!

Get to know: Thai Galangal Root

A zingy, spicy, fragrant, herbal note in there you just can’t put your finger on. Get to know Thai galangal!

Get to know: Thai Kaffir Lime

Read about how Kaffir Lime is used in Thai Cuisines and its health properties. Get to Know Kaffir Lime a little better with Mae Jum

Busting the myths about Coconut Milk

More brands are bringing different types of coconut milk to the UK supermarkets but are you still puzzled on which one to use?

Making the Perfect Thai Curry

Freshness is at the heart of Thai food, and the same goes to curries. Find out more on how to make the perfect Thai curry!

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