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Herbs and Spices
Curry Paste

This curry originates from Thailand's central region, but it's popularity spread. The earliest records date by to 1890. It's a mild curry that is often thick, salty and sweet.

Thai Herbs and Spices
Massaman Curry Paste

Voted number 1 of The World's top 50 best foods in the CNN Travel review updated in September 2020. Our Massaman Paste won the Great Taste Award 2020 for an authentic experience.

Thai Herbs and Spices
Green Curry Paste

Evolved during the reign of King Rama VI, the Thai name translates to "Green Sweet Curry". It is a creamy, milder curry with sweet and spicy notes, winning a coveted 2 Star Great Taste Award 2020.

Thai Herbs and SPICES
Jungle Curry Paste

Jungle, or Forest, curry originates from the forested regions of Northern Thailand, and is cooked without coconut milk as this ingredient is not naturally found. It is also very spicy but taste amazing.

thai herbs and spices
Yellow Curry Paste

Using mother turmeric, our Yellow curry is highly aromatic and bright, great with poultry, it is simply delicious. There are various versions, some influenced and disseminated across Asia by British navel cuisine during the late 19th centuries. It is hot, without being overpowering.

thai herbs and spices
Red Curry Paste

Using large dry spur chillies, this curry has a full savory flavour, but can pack some heat when cooked without coconut milk. It is a popular and versatile paste in Thailand and also being credited with a Great Taste Award 2020.

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Red Thai Curry Paste

Thai red curry is one of the famous 3 Thai curries. The sauce can be a soup like consistency as the curry paste is mixed with coconut milk or water.

The heat of red curry varies from region to region. In Thailand, the red chillies can be hotter than they are in India, depending on where the chillies were grown. This is why the taste of Thai red curry prepared in the subcontinent is a little different from what it tastes in Thailand. All the ingredients in our pastes are grown in Thailand, blended together to make an authentic red Thai curry paste.

Massaman Thai Curry Paste

Once you have tasted massaman you will realise that it is very different from the other Thai curries as it has a more Indian feel to it. That is because it uses more whole spices than herbs.

Massaman is not a native Thai word, and there are many different theories of where it originates from. One such theory dates to the 19th century, where it is thought to represent “Muslin Man” curry as in the 17th century there was much trade between the court of Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand, and the Persian merchant brings products from the middle east.

Green Thai Curry Paste

Thai green curry is similar to red except that it gets its signature colour from the green chillies. Thai green curries often have sweet Thai basil, coriander and kaffir lime leaves added to them, to enhance the flavor and green tinge.

In Southern Thailand, bird’s eye chillies are added in green Thai curries, which makes it spicier and hotter than the red Thai curry. However, at Mae Jum, we’ve adapted a ‘Bangkok’ style green curry making it less hot than the other famous trio of curries!

Jungle Thai Curry Paste

Jungle curry is a fiery and extremely flavoursome Thai curry which is hot and spicy, traditional made without coconut milk.

Jungle curry originates from northern Thailand, where the jungle is dense and coconut trees are no where to be seen. Often cooked with Thai seasonal vegetables such  green peppercorns and using fresh herbs and chilli to cool down.

Panang Thai Curry Paste

Thai Panang curry, also spelled phanang or Phanaeng, is a type of red Thai curry that is thick, salty and sweet. Peanuts are often added in the cooking for an additional nutty flavour.

Supposedly, the word “Panang” is derived from the  ancient Khmer language that was adopted by the Thai, meaning “cross”, as in sitting cross-legged on the floor. Originally, Thai cooks would grill chicken by crossing the chicken’s legs and hanging it upright.

Yellow Thai Curry Paste

Thai Yellow curry is highly aromatic and brightly colored due to roasted spices and an infusion of turmeric, and is typically paired with fish or poultry. Turmeric is what give this curry a wonderful bright and warming yellow colour.

Yellow curry is part  of the famous trio of Thai curries. Thai yellow curry can be the Spiciest of the three curries, especially in Southern Thailand as it’s usually made with additional yellow peppers, so be warned there is a kick to it!

"Our Authentic Thai Curry Pastes use high quality, 100% natural ingredients, fresh from local farmers, blended to an age-old recipe that respects traditional proportions, for health, vitality, aroma and taste."

- Mae Jum
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