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Mae Jum’s favourite dishes made by you!

Now that 2020 is nearly over, we would love to share our favourite dishes cooked by you! I have picked 1 dish per paste and not all of them are curries, can you guess which ones? It's really been delightful to see you guys tag us on Instagram with your creations, we hope to see more next year!

Showcasing Mae Jum's 6 Favourite Dishes Cooked By You!

Mae Jum favourite dish 2020

Salmon Thai Red Curry

Cooked by @lisa_hoomecooking on Instagram

This is such a stunning dish, the colours are so bright and inviting, makes my mouth water just looking at it! I chose this as one of my favourite dishes because of the chosen protein... Salmon! I loved that Lisa used salmon in this dish as traditionally Thai Red curry is cooked with meat such as duck.

The creamy texture of the curry sauce works beautifully with the soft and delicate textures of a salmon. The choice of greens such as the sugar snaps, green beans and Thai basil contributes to the burst of flavour this dish possesses. A must try with Mae Jums Thai curry pastes, check out the recipe on @lisa_homecooking photo caption here

 Mae Jum favourite dish 2020

Chicken Thai Green Curry

Cooked by @mins.cook on Instagram

This is exactly what you think of when someone says 'Chicken Thai Green Curry', it's such a classic that you can eat time and time again! I love how beautiful this green colour turned out. I don't know about you, but even I sometimes struggle in achieving a nice green colour to my green curries, sometimes it's a little brown or yellow.

Min's cooked this dish with chicken and aubergines, great combo of ingredients. This is why I chose @mins.cook dish as one of my favourite dishes. Min cooked this dish using the recipe at the back of our Thai Green curry paste pack of the pack recipe as a guide!

Mae Jum favourite dish 2020

Vegan Thai Jungle Curry

Cooked by @kceatsin on Instagram

We absolutely loved this Vegan Thai Jungle curry, @kceatsin used the instructions at the back of our Thai Jungle curry paste pack as a guide but uses tofu instead of pork. Which is such a great substitute for meat and will work well in a Jungle curry too! @Kceatsin uses green beans and turkey berries too! I haven't personally cooked Tofu in a Jungle curry yet, but it's definitely on my list to try and this is why I have chosen this as part of my 6 favourite dishes cooked by you guys this year!

You may notice that this Thai curry is not as creamy looking as others, this is because traditionally a Thai Jungle curry is cooked with water. This enhances the spiciness of the dish, definitely not for the faint-hearted! Have you tried this curry yet? Dare to test your spice limits…

Mae Jum favourite dish 2020

Chicken Thai Yellow Curry

Cooked by @girleats.ldn on Instagram

A classic traditional Thai Yellow curry is a must, and @girleats.ldn definitely delivered it! Keeping the dish nice and simple, using easy to access ingredients such as chicken, potatoes and green beans is great inspo for those seeking to do a quick and easy Thai Yellow curry! This is why I have chosen this to be apart of my top 6 favourite dishes!

You can easily make this dish vegan friendly by removing the chicken and substituting it with tofu (like @kceatsin) or aubergines (Like @mins.cook) Equally delicious! By following the recipe instruction on the back of our Thai Yellow curry paste pack, you can replicate this beautiful dish too!

 Mae Jum favourite dish 2020

Thai Panang Fish cakes

Cooked by @saltandshaikh on Instagram

 Thai cake edition! I love how creative this dish is (and how delicious it looks) using Mae Jums Thai curry paste. A Thai Panang curry goes perfectly with a variety of seafood, so it makes a great idea of incorporating them into a fish cake, I mean why not!! This is part of my 6 favourite dishes because 1) I love that its not a curry dish and 2) I know Annabel (my daughter) would love this too!!

Reading @saltandshaikh recipe, it only takes 5 steps to make this beautiful dish. We love the look of the texture it has on the outside, and can only imagine what the inside looks like!! Cooked with shrimp and salmon blended together, only with the other ingredients, makes the dish so unique. The only way to find out is to give it a go, check out the recipe here.


Vegan Thai Massaman Curry Puffs

Cooked by @cookwithcarman on Instagram

Curry puffs, yep you heard it right! This is such an imaginative dish to create with Mae Jum Thai Massman curry paste. Inside these wonderful puff pastries are delicious ingredients such as potatoes, mushrooms, carrot and bell peppers! Perfect for a winter dinner but the convenience of the smaller handheld curry puffs makes it great for an afternoon snack too! This is why I've chosen this to be the last one of my favourite dishes made by you in 2020!

This is a perfect example of how Mae Jum Thai curry paste can be used in a variety of ways, not just as traditional Thai curries! If you want to know how to recreate these curry puffs, visit @cookwithcarman's Instagram here!

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